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Criminal Defense Case: A Defendant’s Rights

Criminal defense is a case in which the intent element is studied by the jurisdiction and is ruled out by means of a final decision that is according to the law if the defendant is truly guilty of charges. Regardless of the crime that has been done there are of course rights that are served to such people who have committed intentional actions. The right to protect oneself is given to those who have accused in committing such crimes. If the accused has no adequate protection there is a possibility of changed results to be in favor for the government. That is why criminal lawyer should handle a case in defense of the accused such knowledge should be a constitutional base.

The role of the attorney is very crucial especially when it comes to the advantage of their clients. All lawsuits are base on the government’s gathered evidence in this case for example physical terms of alcohol and drug test, confessional statements of a witness and much more. So this does prohibit the police to do an unreasonable gathering of information, if they act without abiding as what the Amendment of the Constitution has stated, the defense attorney would immediately ask in favor of the court to suppress the evidence and will no longer be used during the court trial. The Constitution has applied for a protection also in the defense of the accused. This is the right to present oneself to the public trial and present its case; the right to confront the witnesses. The defendant’s rights are largely base on the judicial system in all fairness and justice whether the accused has convicted crime of misdemeanor, a felony or anything that is against the law can benefit a legal protection. If it happens that their rights are being compromised the end result would be from the time of arrest to trial may significantly skew often in favor to the defendant. Such alteration will make the accused be bailed out from the case.

You may have loved ones who are facing the same situation. Know that every citizen and a legal resident regardless if there have been lawsuits shares the same legal rights. The importance of hiring an attorney is a must for you to be guided through the legal process and at the same time has the experience of protecting the defendant’s interests. The legal rights are very crucial especially to those who are charged with a crime. Here are five important rights that can be retained for the accused. The right to a legal counsel- every accused person must obtain a competent attorney. If the accused can not afford to hire a defendant attorney, the court will provide one attorney for free. The right to remain silent- this is provided in order the defendant to solely speak only to his or her attorney regarding any matter and towards the court trial as the attorney will act as the defendant’s representative if there are issues raised and or clarification. The right to a jury trial- all defendants are presumed to be innocent until proven guilty. The right to provide evidence- if the defendant is able to submit evidence for his cause that can alter the witnesses’ accusations at no cost.

For you to be able to not jeopardize the rights of your loved ones who are in this case, asking and seeking help for professionals is a must. This will ensure that the rights and the interests are protected.

Tips to Protect Yourself from Bankruptcy


Debt is common for consumers nowadays. People who want to purchase items but do not have the full amount to purchase it in cash opt to pay for use using monthly payment schemes. Credit cards are common nowadays too. Having a credit card is handy but sometimes it can be tempting too. Sometimes we end up buying things that are beyond what we can pay for. As a result, we end up in bankruptcy. This is not an easy thing and so we have compiled a list of tips to help you avoid this.

When you are on the verge of bankruptcy, maybe you should consider selling a few of your assets that you can do without. Whatever money you gain from the sales of your properties should be used to take care of your debt. Do not wait until you receive notifications from your bank before sending a notice. Instead, you should do something about the situation the moment you realize that you notice that you are not able to pay your bills/debts anymore.

Take the time to look at your daily, weekly and monthly expenses. If money is a problem for you at the moment, you should consider cancelling or getting rid of luxuries like cable TV or weekly trips to the spa. These are things that you can live without. It might be difficult to live without these things that you are used to having but it is definitely much better than being in the state of bankruptcy.

However, if you are living on the bare essentials only, you might find it difficult to cut the costs. Not eating or having a place to stay in is out of the question. So to avoid bankruptcy, you might want to consider increasing your income. How do you do this? Spend more time at work to get paid for more hours rendered at work. If this is not an option for you, you might want to consider getting a second job.

You can also avoid bankruptcy by asking for the help of your creditors. Any creditor would prefer even getting just the partial payment from you over not getting anything at all. So if you are having a difficult time with your finances, you might want to consider being upfront about it with your creditor. You should also inform them that you are very much willing to pay the amount that you owe them and ask if they could lower the amount you pay monthly or decrease your monthly interest. Sometimes, they might even do both for you.